Ozone Disinfection kills bacteria, mould spores and fungi.  It neutralises viruses and eliminates odours.

Ozone Disinfection is the Gold Standard in Disinfection of every surface in your space including hard surfaces, fabrics, carpets, soft furnishings and air ducts.

Ozone Disinfection - Customer Path



The Technical Team at Ozone Disinfection Australia will walk with you step by step to ensure your company has the best treatment package and cycle for the area requiring sanitisation.

Ozone Disinfection - Rental Service

Rental Service

Empowering you to disinfect your work-spaces as often as needed, ensuring that you achieve the ideal treatment cycle for you.

Ozone Disinfection - Full Service

Full Service

Our Technicians manage the full monthly cycle ozone disinfection process after hours. A complete service for your peace of mind.

Ozone Disinfection - Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response Team are ready to attend any emergency outbreak to disinfect spaces quickly, arriving on site as soon as possible.

Rental Service

Our Rental Service packages are designed specifically for smaller spaces or areas that need a high number of disinfection cycles per day.
Our team come to you to guide you in choosing the best service model, however, here are some typical examples:


      • Hotel guest rooms / Resort guest rooms / Time share houses
      • Medical practices / Physios therapists / Dental surgeries / Optometrists
      • Charter vessels / boat syndication vessels
      • Beauticians / day spas / treatment rooms
      • Gyms: Spin class areas / Pilates class areas / Yoga studios / Weight rooms
      • Cinemas (between screenings)
      • Retail stores (disinfection of stock that has been handled)
      • Clothing stores (disinfect of stock that has been taken to fitting rooms)
      • Dry Cleaners
      • Nursing homes
      • Motor vehicle service centres

Full Service

Our Full Service packages are designed specifically for larger spaces or areas that only need once a day (typically overnight) or weekly/fortnightly/monthly disinfection cycles.

Our team come to you to guide you in choosing the best service model, however, here are some typical examples:


      • Indoor child play centres
      • Large commercial offices
      • Large retail showrooms (Furniture / Electrical goods / Motor vehicle etc.)
      • Conference centres / Function centres / Ballrooms
      • Public transport (Trains / Busses / Ferries / Trams)
      • Commercial and Private aircraft
      • Houses / apartments
      • Hospitality venues

Rapid Response Team

Our Rapid Response packages are designed specifically for emergency situations where urgent and total disinfection is required.


Our teams of specialist operators are available 24/7 and can be quickly deployed to prepare and then disinfect any size areas that need urgent treatment.


Unlike traditional hand spray techniques or fogging, Ozone Disinfection offers full coverage without toxic chemicals or plastic waste.


Ozone disinfection works on:


      • Carpets, Curtains and seating fabrics
      • Ceilings and walls
      • Air conditioning ducts
      • Door handles, handrails and any other high touch areas
      • Pens, books, paper, keyboards, filing cabinets


Anything in the treatment area including microparticles floating in the air inside the space that comes into contact with high concentrations of Ozone is sterilized.


The rapid response service is fast and efficient. It delivers total coverage and increased safety for your team and customers, with as little disruption to your business as possible.

OZONE DISINFECTION is 99.9% Effective in Neutralising CoronavirusSEE THE REPORT