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Ozone Disinfection Australia is the result of the vision, drive and determination of two Sydney housewives that want to find a way to combat bacteria and viruses whilst also continuing the war on waste and reducing our reliance on single use plastics.

Ozone gas has been widely used all over the world for the abatement of bacteria and viruses. In Australia Ozone has been used extensively in horticulture and farming, fruit and vegetable cleaning and storage, aquaculture and aquaponics, wholesale cut flower storage and water pipeline disinfection.

Ozone Disinfection Vans

Ozonisation is based on the oxidative properties of ozone (O³), a natural gas composed by three molecules of oxygen, present in the stratosphere.

This process causes the removal of pathogenic agents from the air, water and any surfaces that come into contact with the Ozone gas. This includes germs, bacteria, viruses, mould spores, fungi and yeasts.

Ozone disintegrates the molecular structure thereby causing the death (of bacteria) or the inactivation (of viruses), thus rendering them inert. Unlike using bottled sprays, disposable wipes or toxic chemicals the only residue left by behind is simply Oxygen.

Through determined and extensive international research, Ozone Disinfection Australia identified overseas and local manufacturers able to supply commercial grade Ozone generators that are compact enough and powerful enough to achieve the high concentrations of Ozone gas required to be an effective indoor disinfectant.

With our range of high quality commercial grade Ozone generators, the team at Ozone Disinfection Australia are ready to assist you to become a certified “Ozone disinfected” site so you and your staff can get back to work in a safe environment and where your customers will want to come back to.

Want to know more? Have a look at our comprehensive services.

Ozone Disinfection - Rental Service

Rental Service

Empowering you to disinfect your work-spaces as often as needed, ensuring that you achieve the ideal treatment cycle for you.

Ozone Disinfection - Full Service

Full Service

Our Technicians manage the full monthly cycle ozone disinfection process after hours. A complete service for your peace of mind.

Ozone Disinfection - Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response Team are ready to attend any emergency outbreak to disinfect spaces quickly, arriving on site as soon as possible.

Used by Businesses, Health Authorities, Medical centres and Governments in Europe, UK, Ireland and America. Now available in Australia.

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