Why Is Ozone Better For Retail Boutiques & Fashion Stores

Ozone Disinfection - Certified Sterilised and Neturalised

Retail Boutiques & Fashion Stores

Ozone is a better way of disinfecting because it –


        • Kills bacteria, neutralises viruses, stops mould and eliminates unpleasant odours
        • Kills dust mites in carpets, curtains or in any fabrics
        • Kill bacteria and neutralise viruses on clothes, accessories or any other object or product in the treatment area.
        • Create a dedicated OZONE TREATMENT CABINET to quickly treat clothes or accessories after they have been in the fittings rooms, so they can go quickly back on the rack or on display
        • Unlike fogging, misting or traditional spraying and wiping, Ozone disinfects EVERYTHING in the treatment area that comes into contact with the Ozone including the air itself, air conditioning ducts, counters, furniture, hard surfaces, soft furnishings, seating, glass partitions, keyboards, phones, mouses, monitors, EFPTOS terminals, inside display cabinets and storage cupboards (if left open during Ozone disinfection cycle), pens, stationery, magazines, display stock hanging in the racks, accessories on display…… EVERYTHING!
        • Unlike fogging, misting or traditional spray and wipe, there is no wet surface residue, no wiping down required and it is fully automatic so it does not miss any spots or forget
        • Reduced bacterial load means increased safety for all staff and customers and reduced risk of your business becoming a new cluster or the source of a new outbreak
        • Shift the responsibility of disinfecting away from your staff. Our fully automatic ozone generators make your staff feel safer and happier to come to work
        • Set the industry benchmark for disinfection and hygiene standards
        • Use our logo on your windows, website and social media to promote the use of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, commercial grade ozone disinfection and bring more customers to your store
        • Eliminate the added “deep clean” cost or the time your staff spend doing extra disinfecting with this fast and efficient fully automatic disinfection system
        • Eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and thereby eliminate toxic residues on surfaces, or toxic odours in the air, making your space safer for your staff and your customers
        • Reduce plastic waste and single use wipes. Save time and money, and make your business more planet friendly
        • Your space can be fully disinfected and ready for staff and customer to enter in as little as 40 minutes.
        • Exceed customer safety expectations. Increase customer satisfaction and trust. Get better reviews

Ozone Disinfection is Total Disinfection

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