Why Is Ozone Better For Car Dealerships & Servicing

Car Dealerships & Servicing

Ozone is a better way of disinfecting because it –


        • Faster and less expensive than traditional spraying and wiping of vehicles
        • Automatically kills bacteria, mould spores, fungi and neutralises viruses on every surface, every object and also any particles floating in the air and air ducts in the vehicle
        • Eliminates cigarette smell, mould smell, pet smell and any other unpleasant odours in the vehicle
        • Does not damage or discolour any surface or material in the vehicle
        • Reverts back to clean oxygen leaving no odours, no toxic surface residues, no toxic fumes and no plastic waste
        • Keeps your staff and customers safer

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OZONE DISINFECTION is 99.9% Effective in Neutralising CoronavirusSEE THE REPORT